ChalkArt Monthly Subscription


ChalkArt Monthly Subscription

Embrace creativity and gratitude throughout the holidays and into the New Year! The December ChalkArt subscription box is thoughtfully infused with the joyfulness of having gathered with loved ones throughout the holidays. You will be reminded of the spirit of the season year round as you enjoy a brand new stencil design, I Reckon ChalkArt, and an adorable zippered pouch that you can customize using your free gift of Sunday Nap Rescue Restore Paint. Be sure to join in live with Amy Howard for an online workshop showing you all the fun things you can make with your December box supplies! You’ll find the link for this exclusive crafting opportunity inside your delivery this month!.

Join for 3 months at $28 a month and receive a monthly stencil, chalkart color, and FREE surprise gift. Enjoy special events with Amy that will be emailed to you throughout the year.

Shipping is included in the month cost.

Ordering this as a Christmas gift? Make sure this is the only item in your cart and put their address in as the shipping address.

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$ 28.00