Rescue, Restore, Redecorate


Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

Master Artisan and A Makers’ Studio founder, Amy Howard, is the ultimate authority when it comes to do-it-yourself restoration and redesign. In her newest book, Amy shares all the details behind all her most popular DIY projects!

What you’ll love:

  • Whether it’s applying a faux finish, repurposing a vintage piece, or creating a unique accessory, Amy’s refinishing recipes and techniques are foolproof. You can easily use her detailed instructions to bring heirlooms back to life or easily refresh a flea-market find!
  • From finding the perfect antique to experimenting with different styles and techniques, Amy guides you through every step of the process.
  • Enjoy page after page of Before & After photos and step-by-step instructions so that you can follow along and get the same look for your own home!

This is the one-stop-shop resource you need do everything from modernizing a flea market treasure to restoring the former beauty of an heirloom piece.

[ AMS194 ]

$ 24.99